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He makes it fun to learn tennis for my beginner kids. My kids enjoy his warm ups and fun games he organizes during the sessions. He is very patient with the kids and explains the basic skills softly using multiple drills. He mixes up drills for forehand, backhand, and serve during every session. He uses fun games to improve the kid”s hand eye coordination. He challenges the kids during every session to improve in at least one skill. Overall, we are very happy with coach Seydou as a tennis coach and I recommend him for others based on our experience. (P.B)

I have been training with Coach Seydou for over 2 years and he is one of the best. I’ve searched for a good tennis coach for over 5 years, and found lots of bad ones. I am so fortunate that I am under his guidance. He is patient, diligent and also highly adaptive based on your skills and pace. Highly Highly Recommend! (A.B)
Seydou was a phenomenal instructor. I purchased a package of private lessons from him and the difference that they made was noticeable. He was patient, knowledgeable, and communicated effectively. On top of that he was always punctual, and accommodating for my schedule. I plan on returning for more lessons as soon as I am able.  (B.S)

Benefits of Tennis Lesson for Children – San Jose Summer Tennis Camp

Seydou’s Summer Tennis Camp is a program designed to make it easy for children to enjoy tennis action using a light racket, and a softball that is easy to hit for children. “Through communication with sports, The goal is to give hope. “

In the summer season at Seydou’s tennis camp, the number of inquiries about tennis lessons has increased, and it is expected that the popular tennis boom in the 1990s will be revived.

If you list the advantages of tennis,

First, tennis is a sport that can last a lifetime. You can exercise even when you are older because you play along with your own stamina and strength.

Second, tennis is a leisure sport that combines hobbies enjoyed by both boys and girls. From a child to an elderly person, anyone can enjoy sports without any age limit. In this respect, tennis is much older than other sports.

Third, tennis is a highly economical sport. It can be enjoyed by only two or a few people at a small cost, and it is often suitable for enhancing cohesion and friendliness in any group such as work or alumni.

Fourth, tennis is a sport that can be taken out of the city and taken outdoors with nature. The pleasure of wielding a racket off a complex and turbulent city makes our body and mind fertile. Moreover, it is a great blessing to be able to step on the moist soil of the suburbs.

Fifth, tennis is a sport with high sociality. Opportunities for easy and deep contact with others are provided and serve as catalysts for a wide range of social life and intimate relationships.

Sixth, it is the exercise that brings up the concentration. The unique fun of tennis, which focuses attention on every single ball and eliminates misconceptions, lets the player forget everything.

Seventh, beautiful coordination, through sportsmanship and strict court manners, are also true tennis. It is a long-standing proud tennis player’s custom to have the convenience and personal courtesy of the opponent before the game.

As shown above, learning tennis can bring various advantages for children. Do not hesitate to call me now. Consultation is free. (Seydou 408-376-1015)

408-376-1015, [email protected] Tennis Lessons, Class, Coaches, Trainers San Jose CA

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